Thursday, August 2, 2012

What is “Phase II orthodontic treatment?”

Phase II orthodontic treatment follows early orthodontic intervention (a.k.a. Phase I) usually after a period of “rest and growth.” The goal of Phase II Treatment is to position all the permanent teeth as to maximize and protect their function as well as ensure long term health of the bite and chewing system.

Phase II treatment often does not require extraction of permanent teeth. It is best accomplished with full braces or Invisalign®, and usually lasts less that 2 years due to the improvements made in Phase I Treatment. This is especially relevant for patients as they enter their teenage years.

It is important to note that after Phase I orthodontic treatment most young patients typically have 16 new teeth that are erupting or will erupt in the next two or three years. These new teeth did not have brackets on them during Phase I simply because they were not in the mouth.

An orthodontist cannot determine how these teeth will erupt but can do everything within his or her skills to preserve or gain space for these erupting teeth. We are highly trained professionals but simply cannot control a patient's DNA. Actually, we work against DNA to create healthy and beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime.