Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Damon Braces

Orthodontic technology is constantly evolving and new forms of treatment are appearing all the time. There are now alternatives to the conventional wire and metal brace which are less noticeable and more comfortable to wear.

One example of orthodontic technology is the Damon braces. The Damon braces are a "friction-free" system which means no metal or elastic ties hold the wires in the braces. Color or metal ties are used in other types of braces which exert a force on the teeth and cause them to move. On the other hand, this also causes friction which can be uncomfortable and make tooth movement progress slowly.

The Damon braces use a clever slide mechanism which holds the archwire in place and allows the teeth to move easily and comfortably. Also, because of the advanced design and the light, biologically sound forces this system applies on the teeth, it allows a gentler correction of bite problems as well as improved facial harmony and smile width.

Other types of braces require adjustments (or tightening) on a regular basis, and that can be painful. The Damon braces have a sliding mechanism which minimizes this problem, meaning less sore teeth and gums.

The color elastic ties used with conventional braces can be a magnet for food debris and are very difficult to clean. Because the Damon braces are free from these ties, it’s easier to keep your teeth clean while in braces.

In my experience with the Damon brackets compared to traditional brackets (with color elastomeric ties) I have observed:
- Improved patient oral hygiene;
- Reduced need to use expanders or remove permanent teeth before or during treatment;
- The fairly unobtrusive nature of the system that for most patients result in a shorter treatment period and more timely alignment of the front teeth;
- More convenience for patients and families due to the possibility of longer intervals between appointments and shorter in-office time for adjustments;
- More comfort during treatment and appointments.

Now you may be wondering that since the Damon System can possibly shorten treatment time, does that mean it is harsh or unsafe? The answer is no. In fact, what makes this system work in a timelier manner for some patients is that it uses far gentler, more biologically sound forces than conventional braces. Very light titanium alloy wires in association with the low-friction nature of these braces gently guide the teeth to their ideal positions and improve the smile and facial harmony.

The Damon brackets are not magic or better than any other bracket system. But they are more efficient, streamlined, comfortable and convenient for both me and my patients, making them superior in my point of view.

For all this, and with the experience I have acquired practicing orthodontics for more than 16 years and teaching at the UCLA Department of Graduate Orthodontics for the last 5 years, I am excited to offer the Damon Braces System in my office.